Upcycled Magazine Heart Collage

magazine heart collage1

Believe it or not, this heart themed collage is made exclusively from two magazines!


magazine heart collage11

This project would be a really fun craft to make with the kids so they can look at an old magazine in a different light!

magazine heart collage10

Step One:  when you go through the magazine, pull out pages with solid colors that are at least 2 inches wide.

magazine heart collage9

Step Two:  pull out pages with colorful images that will be the heart shaped pieces.

magazine heart collage8

This is am image of an old fashioned chair

magazine heart collage7

It made a perfect 2″ square for a background!  It helps to think 2″ squares when you are sorting through the magazine for background images.

magazine heart collage6

Step Three:  cut out 25 2″ squares (for a 10 x 10 collage.)


magazine heart collage3

magazine heart collage 2

Step Four: Cut out 25 hearts from the patterned images.  The mug (we used to have these mugs back in the day) is a perfect example of looking for colorful images.


magazine heart collage

Step Five:  Finish the collection of 25 backgrounds and 25 hearts.  I used a paper punch for the hearts, but you can make a template or cut the hearts free hand for a more rustic collage.

Step Six:  Glue down all the pieces.  I used a 10 x 10 gallery wrapped canvas but you can use mat board, canvas board, or card board.  I used glue stick to attach the hearts to each background and rubber cement to attach them to the canvas.

magazine heart collage1

Who would guess this collage came from two old magazines?


One comment

  1. Such a cute idea! I am all about free upcyle latley and this is a great project. Also im too young you have those mugs back in the day but i rememebr them as a child..love them so much i had to buy some…i believe they are fire king mugs in the magazine like the ones i have.


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