National Send a Friend A Card Day Free Printable Card


Since it’s “National Send A Friend A Card Day”, I thought it would be fun to demonstrate my method for making a greeting card.  At the end of the post you can click and print one (or more) for yourself and participate in the National Calendar.

I like to use A7 envelopes so my cards 5 x 7 when they are folded in half.  Since they are printed out on 11″ x 8.5″ cardstock, it takes some planning when I design the card and some cutting after the card is printed.

It is enjoyable to have a blank  5 x 7 canvas because it is big enough to add some cool elements, but easily filled at the same time!


I purchase png. images from Etsy that are on a clear background like this gingham ribbon and bow.  You can make it as thin or wide as you want because it is adjustable.  When I am putting the card together adding the gingham border and ribbon bow is the most important step.

When I set up my images I remember that will use a paper cutter to remove 1/2″ off the TOP of the card, 1/2″ off each side of the card and 1″ off the bottom of the card.


So I use my computer ruler to insert the ribbon and bow on top so it is exactly 5″ wide and the bow will not be cut off when I remove 1/2″ of the top.


I love this gal!  I purchased her at an Etsy shop and she seems so perfect for the sentiment of the card.

I collect phrases and laughed out loud when I found this one on Pinterest several years ago.


chatty patty

I had wanted to create a line of greeting cards for a long time and since I grew up in the era of Chatty Kathy (I had one!)  I adapted a photo my Mom took when I was about four when she gave me the Best Hair Day EVER!  So Chatty Patty Greeting Cards was born.

Last year tragedy struck when my computer crashed and died.  All of my cards shrunk!  They went from over 4000 pixels to 500.  So I am in the process of remaking them and I remade this card first as it is by far my most popular seller.

If you click and print, the card needs to be trimmed.  1/2″ off the top, right side and left side.  1″ off the bottom.  Have fun!


Click and Print:

okay bullet for you pic for pdf

Happy “National Send A Friend A Card Day”!


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