Garage Sale Teapot “Wind Chime”

teapot for resizing

I doubt if this Teapot “Wind Chime” will ever hang in a garden.  I make a lot of these for Sunrose Gallery in Seaside, Oregon and most folks purchase them to hang in their house in the kitchen or dining room.

grange 3

I got the teapot last weekend at the first garage sale of the season for $3.00 and I got the gold leafing to upgrade some spoons I already have.  Usually I spray paint the flatware to match the teapot but I didn’t have any paint even close the the color I needed.

teapot start

I went through my stash and found a pretty pewter salt shaker that would act as the “gonger”.

teapot idea

I already had the gold foil adhesive that is very easy to use.  You just cover the spoons with the adhesive.

teapot milky

They look “milky” when wet, wait until the surface has dried clear and then…

teapot cover

….cover the spoon with the gold foil and it magically covers the spoon.  I keep applying the foil until there is no stickiness to the touch on each spoon.

teapot inside

Now that the flatware is covered, on to the teapot.  Cut a 30″ piece of 18 gauge wire and coil one end as shown in photo.  Thread the wire out the spout…

teapot swirl

and coil it as shown so the flatware and shaker will hang from it.


Cut two wires 8″ long and fold them as shown.  Cut one wire 6″ and make a loop as shown.  Catch one loop in the other and attach the bottom straight wire as shown.


Then fold up each end to receive the flatware pieces. (This photo is from another tutorial hence the green beads!)

teapot spoons


Attach the flatware pieces and add beads  and the salt shaker to the center wire.

teapot for resizing

This will be on it’s way to Sunrose Gallery in time for Spring Break which is right around the corner.  We are missing the tourists!





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