Dollar Store Sweethearts Valentine Doll

valentine doll feature

I found a Dollar Tree sugar jar in the cupboard and couldn’t resist turning it into a cute little Valentine Doll that you can fill with Necco Sweethearts candy.  I was most happy that I could finally use one of the paper straws I got at a local restaurant.  The last time I was there with out of town visitors I asked everyone at the table to give me their straws! LOL


valentine doll start

The sugar jar and the diamond wrap came from Dollar Tree, I got the face image from Googling “free child’s face clip art”  (this is for personal use only, but you can click on the image and get the face for yourself) and last, my fabulous paper straw. I could have purchased a candlestick holder at Dollar Tree, but I already had a garage sale silver toned candlestick.


HINT:  concerning free images, I NEVER download.  I right click on the image until the screen pops up the option to SAVE this picture.


valentine doll neck

After cutting out the face on cardstock I glued it at a jaunty angle with a small piece of straw.  Squirt some hot glue in the center of the lid and stick the straw in it, holding it until the glue is cooled and set.


valentine doll shoulders


Use diamond wrap to decorate the shoulders of the sugar jar.  I had a plastic ring that fit the lid of the jar and I covered the edge of the ring with velvet ribbon and finished it with a purple ribbon rose.

valentine doll arms

I used hot glue to attach the paper straw arms to the sides.


valentine doll font

The finishing touch was to attach magazine font letters spelling out the sentiment: “Love you more.”

valentine doll feature

The final touch was to add a black and white polka dot bow to the doll face.   We are almost to Valentine’s Day and this little doll is fast to make + inexpensive too.


    • Thanks so much for saying that! LOL, sometimes I keep stuff that doesn’t sell, but I don’t have much an emotional connection with things I make so if it doesn’t sell, my friends usually end up with it HAHA!


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