Repurposed Leather Purse Dragonfly Lapel Pin


dragonfly feature

My cream colored SAK purse looked worn, especially on the bottom edges.  Even so I hung it on a coat rack in the closet along with other purses in the same sad condition.  But it has been fun to repurpose them and this leather dragonfly pin makes it easier to say goodbye to the purse!


Goodbye little purse!

dragonfly start

When you cut a section of the purse, make sure it is wide enough to fit the dragonfly pattern.

dragonfly start 2

I use a glue stick to adhere the pattern to the leather, it peels off easily after the dragonfly is cut out.  Use very sharp scissors and trim as close to the metal to remove as much of the zipper fabric as you can.

dragonfly end piece

Remove the zipper end and straighten the spikes so you an add it to the shortened zipper.


Last, clamp down the end piece and attach the zipper section to the wings with E6000.  Use glue to attach a jewelry pin finding on the backside.

dragonfly leather feature

Click and print:



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