Repurposed Placemat Wall Hanging #5

twig feature


Sadly I am quickly coming to an end of the placemats I got at Pier One Imports.  This shabby twig placemat seemed so beachy to me, it is perfect for a beach cottage wall.



The wall hanging is so easy to put together after you gather a selection of beachy stuff.

My collection:  shells, starfish, sea biscuits, and some pretty seafoam green lichen.

Step One:  Lay out your design to see if you like it.  I used two different kinds of shells on the top and bottom of the wall hanging.  I had a resin starfish to attach to the center.

Step Two:  Use E6000 to attach the ephemera.  Since E6000 doesn’t set up right away you can move the pieces if you don’t have them centered right.


Step Three:  Use dabs of hot glue to attach lichen ( I usually get mine in assorted bags of moss at Michael’s or JoAnn Fabrics).  You can gently tear the lichen apart and it will really stretch to go in the circle.


Step Four:  Carefully tie corded twine around the top of the placemat cording.  The twigs can break so I didn’t try to attach my twine to a twig, I attached it to the cord that holds the twigs together.


twig feature

Inexpensive, fast to make, and definitely beachy!


  1. I love this! Thanks so much for sharing at Beautifully Made Party. I’m always happy to find new ideas for coastal decor and I love repurposing projects. This is being featured in my weekly newsletter tomorrow.

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    • Wow thanks so much Beverly. I have wanted to participate in your link parties for a long time. You make it so easy to link up and I really appreciate you taking the time to host the parties. The ideas are really awesome and inspiring too! Thanks!


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