Repurposed Placemat Clock #6

beachy clock feature corel

This Pier One Imports placemat was very inspirational with it’s pretty seed beads and burlap background plus it was fast and easy to repurpose into a classy + beachy clock!

white beaded burlap scroll

I paid $14.00 for this placemat, but it was worth it because the clock is OOAK and will be so perfect for unusual beach decor.

seashell clock4

I played around with the idea of adding shells to the front of the placemat on the seed beads, but the shells took away from the actual beaded design so I decided to try adding a cascade of shells attached to the back to accent the bottom.

Step One: Cut 16 pieces of twine approx 12 inches long.

Step Two: Squirt some hot glue in the top of each shell and promptly place the twine and flatten the twine into the hot glue. HINT: I use an awl that is wet with a bit of water. It is the perfect size and the water prevents the awl from sticking to the hot glue.

seashell clock3

Step Three: Cut out a 5″ long x 2″ wide piece of CARDSTOCK to attach the strings to. Run lengths of hot glue vertically and attach the strings making them different lengths. (I forgot to take a photo of that process….oops)

seashell clock 1

Step Four: After all the strings are glued down, attach the piece of cardstock on the back with hot glue. I simply folded the tops of the strands over for a extra bit of texture.

seashell clock2

Step Five: Cut a piece of foam board for the back and use hot glue or E6000 to attach it.

beach clock closeup

Step Six: Insert the clock movement according to the instructions and your clock is finished!

beach clock feature

OOAK and very beachy but after I took this photograph, I didn’t really like the variations of the shell colors so I put a light coat of white acrylic paint on them. I also decided to change out the clock hands with a light brown set.

beachy clock feature corel

       Classy and beachy truly OOAK!


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