Repurposed Placemat Clock #5

birch clock feature

This “Birch Leaf” placemat from Pier One Imports is almost my last placemat makeover and I think it is perfect for over the mantle in a cozy mountain cabin!


It took me about three hours of adjusting colors and printing out the tree slice clip art image I got for free when I Googled “clip art tree slice”. It turns out all grays are not equal and it finally dawned on me to add green into the mix to get a matching tree ring for the clock face and numbers.


Step One: Print out the images on regular printer paper.

Step Two: Cut out foam board for the clock face and numbers. HINT: use one of the tree slice numbers as a pattern for the foam board.

Step Three: Use Mod Podge to attach the clock face and numbers to each piece of foam board.

Step Four: Use gray acrylic paint to cover the edges of the foam core.


Step Five: Use hot glue to attach the clock face and numbers. HINT: don’t put hot glue in the center of the clock face because it will make it impossible to put the clock movement in later.


Step Six: cut a piece of foam board to fit the back and glue it to the placemat.


Step Seven: Working in the center of the clock face, use an awl to punch a hole for the clock movement and enlarge it with a pencil so the clock movement will fit.

birch clock feature

This has been a fun project making all the placemat clocks and they have turned into OOAK special pieces of art!

leaf clock

best day ever clock closeup

nest clock group

flower feature

beach clock feature

Thanks Pier One Imports for all the inspiration!!!!

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