Faux Nail Polish Tortoise Shell Earrings

new tortoise shell feature

I have a wire basket in the closet that I toss in all clear plastic packaging materials.  I admit if I have a choice to get two similar products in different packaging, I choose the one with the best reusable packaging! LOL

My favorite “granny glasses” right now are faux tortoise shell that I got at Pacific Crest Cottage in Gearhart, Oregon.  Everytime I venture in there,  I check to see if they still sell them because if something happens to mine I want to get another pair.

tortoise shell start

Sometimes I get a flash of an idea and try it just to see if it will work: I was inspired by my grannie glasses.  That is how these faux tortiose shell earrings came to be using scrap pieces of plastic and nail polish to paint the tortoise shell design.

tortoise shell pieces


Step One:  Cut two pieces of scrap plastic packaging into the earring shape you like. HINT:  I cut the pieces together so they turn out the exact shape.

tortoise shell lay on pattern

Step Two:  Use the tortoise shell printout to use as the pattern for the brown nail polish and let dry completely.  Click and Print below the post instructions.


tortoise shell brown start

tortoise shell brown start 2

tortoise shell brown start 3

Step Three:  After the brown polish is totally dry, cover the complete back of the earring with the yellow nail polish making sure there are no brush marks.  HINT:  I applied the polish in small puddles and smoothed them with the tip of the polish brush.

tortoise shell feature

Step Four: After completely dry (I waited until the next day)  use a tiny punch or awl to make a hole for a jump ring and add your jewelry findings.  I dressed up my earrings with hoops and chain, but these are adorable just by themselves.



Click and Print:B1138434981













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