Repurposed Leather Purse Great Dane Lapel Pin

scrap leather great dane


I had so much fun making my dragonfly lapel pin I had to see if I could make a Great Dane lapel pin!  I think he turned out dog gone cute and now I really am getting inspired to use more of my old purses.  This lapel pin used the fabric of four purses:


Only one of the purses was actual leather, so the cream colored one made a sturdy base for the pin.


great dane inspiration

I was inspired by this key fob I found on the internet.  I loved the shape of the eye area and snout.

Step One: Click and print the Great Dane below and use it for your pattern.  It is handy to print out several so you can keep track of how it goes together.

Step Two: After cutting out the base of the dog, cut out all the pieces.

Step Three: Use glue made for fabric, I used E6000.  Attach all the pieces to the base layer.

Step Four:  Attach a lapel pin finding to the back.  I like to use hot glue.

scrap leather great dane

Click and Print:

great dane photo for pdf


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