It’s the Artist’s Perogivitve to Change Her Mind!

great dane makeover

I changed my mind!  I made this cute Great Dane lapel pin and then it dawned on me, the pin would sell for less than $20.00 at Sunrose Gallery.  If I removed the pin finding from the back, I could put it on a canvas board and more than double the price.

When I ran across this saying:  “Love can’t be bought, But it an be Rescued” I decided my pin was going to be recast as the featured piece for a 6 x 12 canvas board mixed media piece.  I purchased an alphabet download from an Etsy shop and printed out the letters.  Then I played with the idea of plaid stripes on a tan acrylic paint background.

Back in 1990 our family answered the ad in the Longview Daily News for a year old dog who spent his short life staked to a pole in the owner’s backyard.  He was quite a character!  I never could get him to obey and if he got outside the fenced yard, the only way to catch him was to go around the block yelling “Charlie” with my arm in the air waving a piece of American Cheese.

He had a bark that filled the house and he usually decided to bark his head off right at the critcial moment in a TV scene.  It was pretty normal for the entire family to be yelling “Charlie shut up!” as we strained to hear the TV.

However, Charlie was very lovable and he brought a lot of love and laughter for 13 years. I am too lazy to go upstairs in the hope chest and get a photo of him, but he appeared to be a yellow lab and corgy mix, he looked like a runt lab with short little legs like a corgy.

So the saying is true and Charlie proved it.  Life has moved on and since I remarried in 2007 we have opted not to get another dog.  However my husband puts up with me exclaiming to folks who brag that their dog is a “resuce”  when I tell them my husband is a “rescue”.  LOL


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