Repurposed Placemat Wall Hanging #5

repurposed boho feature

I have come to the end of the Pier One Imports placemats.  It was fun to see if the placemats would make good backgrounds for wall hangings and I think they do!  No more paying retail prices for placemats, however I will be on the lookout for cool placemats at garage sales this summer.


I loved the spicey colors of this woven placemat and thought it would make a nice background for an “out of the box” concept.


pendulum bob

I used to make whimsical pendulum clocks until their wholesale price got too expensive and I had container full of pendulum clock bobs that I couldn’t use on the pendulum because I attached something else that swung back and forth.

repurposed placemat boho art

Mandala’s are so popular right now and I was inspired to find some cool printable images on Etsy and purchased this set.

I used my photo software to make them the correct size,  printed and cut them out gluing them to the pendulum bobs.

repurposed boho closeup 4

repurposed boho closeup


I cut long lengths of  2 strand gold string which was attached to each pendulum bob.

repurposed boho closeup 2

Then I cut a 6″ piece of .25″ dowel to attach the strings to and tied each bob securing with a dab of white glue so it would stay in place.


repurposed boho closeup 3

Last, I used a length of thick brown twine to make a hanger.


repurposed boho feature

It has been so fun to make each of the wall hangings and clocks from Pier One Imports placemats.  Each of the placemats seemed like a piece of art in the first place and it was fun to repurpose them into wall hangings and clocks!





  1. […]…; I turned a Pier One Import placemat into a fun boho wall hanging. I like to purchase clip art images on Etsy and found this tribal mandala set because I like the color palette. I used leftover pendulum clock bobs for the base of the mandala clip art but chipboard (or card board) circles or plastic packaging would work just as well…all you need is a circle shape. After all the clock bobs were covered with a mandala (ad […]


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