Placemat Palooza! The Final Collection of Wall Hangings and Clocks!

flamingo placemat feature
Pier One Imports Placemat Repurposed Wall Hanging

It is nice to get these wall hangings and clocks in one post because they show the fabulous things you can do with a simple placemat!  Thanks Pier One Imports for hours of repurposing fun!!!

Wall Hangings!

yarn wall hanging feature

When this Jute, Yarn and Wood Button placemat makeover was finished I breathed a sigh of relief….”Aha!  I didn’t waste $$$ on an idea that doesn’t work!”.  It gave me the confidence to repurpose my heart away.

cascade group

I was so inspired by the spicey colors in this cotton placemat, it was fun to think totally outside of the box and turn the Wire Ring, Necklace and Bead Strands into an unusual piece of wall art.

twig feature

Of all the placemat makeovers, this Twig Placemat Decorated with Sea Life is 100% guaranteed to sell at Sunrose Gallery.  I will be on the lookout for placemats similar to this one and I think even bamboo placemats (that are common at garage sales) could be painted white for the same effect.

ribbon group

This Jute, Wood Button and Ribbon wall hanging was the first placemat makeover.  It magically turned out just like I imagined it!  That doesn’t always happen.  LOL

repurposed boho feature

When I made this Striped & Mandala placemat I threw caution to the wind and decided to just “MAKE ART”.  This makeover is really OOAK and the owner of Sunrose Gallery wanted to put it up on the wall as soon as she saw it.  She sure has good taste!  LOL

flamingo placemat feature

I secretly hope this beaded Flamingo Placemat Wall Hanging  doesn’t sell!  It was so fun to make and it made me smile everytime I walked past it before it went to Sunrose Gallery.   Since torquise is one of my decorating colors I’m sure I can find a place for it in the house.


leaf clock

I like making unusal clocks and this Garden Fresh Clock would be perfect for someone with a green thumb.  It would work for any room in the house or out in the garden shed.

best day ever clock closeup

This Best Day Ever clock was so whimsical and fun, it is a true representation of me and my point of view.  I bet the person who purchases it one of these days is from my same gene pool!  LOL

nest clock group

I imagine this Woodsy Twig Clock on the wall in a cabin in the woods!  It turned out just as I imagined it would and the resin and paper hands were so fun to make.

beach clock closeup

I’d bet you my lunch that this Beach Themed Burlap and Beaded Placemat clock will sell at Sunrose Gallery!  In my opinion it was the classiest placemat makeover and very rewarding when it was finished.

birch clock feature

This Birch Leaf Placemat clock took literally hours to make the colors of the numbers to match the colors of the leaves.  So it took the most work of all the makeovers!!!!

flower feature

This Coral Flower Petal Clock turned out so sweet and dainty.  It was very rewarding to turn into a clock that would bring spring into any room.

So that is the grand finale of all the placemat makeovers.  It was so much fun to browse Pier One Imports online catalog and click “add to your cart” last December.  I had to patiently wait (I am used to Amazon Prime) but when I finally got the giant box in January it was just like Christmas!

No more paying retail prices again….I will be scanning all garage sales for placemats to turn into wall hangings and clocks or any new idea that pops into my head! LOL

But thanks Pier One Imports for the fun!








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