Easy Sushi Mixed Media Assemblage

sushi feature

I made this Sushi themed mixed media assemblage with the thought in mind:  “If it happened once, it could happen again.”  This is the third sushi piece I have made but the other two sold within weeks of being on the walls of Sunrose Gallery here in Seaside, Oregon.  Maybe it will happen again!

scrap fish start

I knew I wanted to make a splashy little fish so I cut out a simple pattern and proceeded to have fun using mismatched papers.  Making the fish is an awful lot of fun!

scrap fish face

I have a book of vintage faces and one of the ladies donated her eye…which was slightly creepy in my book, but I love the sassiness of the eye on my fish!  There was literally no plan, it was all play!

scrap fish tail

I am ashamed to admit I have never gotten proficient eatting with chop sticks, I would take more food home in the doggy bag if I did!  But I always take the chopstick set in the white paper sitting at my place just for a piece like this.


scrap fish words

I think little details like adding a border of glitter glue (Ranger Stickles) around the Scrabble pieces makes a big difference in the finished piece.

scrap fish details

After years of making mixed media pieces, adding swirls of glitter glue have become my signature.

sushi feature

I bet this will be on it’s way to Sunrose Gallery as soon as owner Cathy sees it!


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