Goodwill Goodies Tin Necklace Set

goodwill tin earring set faststone

I really scored my last visit to Goodwill, I got a boat load of mismatched and broken jewelry PLUS two cool tin can pieces.

goodwill feb 2019 2

The tin cookie container was very inspiring and I loved the lid right away the cute pink enamal tray caught my eye also.




Tin containers are really easy to cut if you use wire cutters.  They cut just like scissors you just have to pay attention to where you are cutting because the tin is sharp!

goodwill tin start

I loved the lid and I cut the edges off it and then removed the border so it could be cut into segments.  Last, I cut out the medallion center.

Take a metal file and smooth all the edges until your finger doesn’t find any places that catch.  Next,  punch tiny holes on each end of the segments and punch two tiny holes on the top edges of the pendant.

goodwill tin earring set faststone

It is amazing how different the segments and medallion look removed from the red background!  The yellow just pops and when paired with the blue glass beads it transforms into a dainty necklace set.  I like using glass beads when assembling tin necklaces because it gives weight to the necklace and keeps it stable.

After the holes are punched just add jump rings and bead sections with some pretty chain to finish the look!


goodwill tin extras

I have already cut more pieces to make into necklace sets!  It will be fun to transform these beauties!

goodwill tin earring set faststone

One tin container will make three necklace sets!  Thanks Goodwill!


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