Washi Tape Window Valance

washi tape valance

You know me, trying to use up my seemingly endless rolls of washi tape!  I got the brainstorm for a project that would SURELY empty some rolls.  Alas, I didn’t get to finish off any rolls, but I did have fun TRYING!


washi tape valance start

Step One: I sort all the rolls you might want to use so you don’t spend time looking for the next color.

washi tape valance start 2

Step Two:  Cut pieces of 140lb watercolor paper or extra heavy cardstock into      1.5″x 6″ pieces.  HINT: You can make any length you want, but I was adding bead strands to mine, so I kept that in mind for a 12″ final length.)  My window was 24″ wide, so I divided 24″ x 1.5″ and discovered I needed 16 pieces of paper strips.  To find how many pieces you need, measure your window width and divide that number by 1.5.

washi tape valance 2

Step Three:  Cover each paper piece with strips of washi tape wrapping the bottoms to the backside. I put another piece of tape across each top.  Then punch a hole in the top and the bottom.

washi tape 4

Step Four:  Optional:  Add 4″ strands of beads to each bottom.  I like to add decoration at the bottom for whimsy.

washi tape 3

Step Five: I make my own valance rings for my Etsy Shop LittleLaLaOriginals, they are just to difficult to explain how to make so I recommend that if you make your own washi tape valance use clip on cafe rings to hang each piece.

washi tape valance

This is a fun and practical way to use up washi tape and the valance would be perfect for your studio…..or even a baby nursery.


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