One Tissue, Three Crafts! & Free Printable Bookmark


A bookmark, a lapel pin and a necklace, all inspired by a package of tissues at Pier One Imports that I got last fall.

three 3

I couldn’t resist the package of tissues, (which are actually a little scratchy and closer to the texture of a dinner napkin). I like making cat themed art…because it sells. LOL.

The lapel pin was from the stash I got in my Goodwill container recently. It is important to cover the surface with white paint because the image will have a nice background. All I did was adhere the tissue image with Diamond Glaze and after it was set, cover the top of the cat face with a generous amount so the top was completely sealed and shiny.

three 1

I like how my little lapel pin turned out! It was an easy makeover.

I got this chunky bracelet in the Goodwill stash too. I scanned the cat image into my computer and printed out a tiny version to make a pendant. After I cut the image, I used Diamond Glaze to adhere it to the pendant and covered with a liberal amount for a shiny surface.

three 2

The image needed to POP, so I went over all the edges with a skinny permanent marker and made a chain with some cute black beads.

Last, the bookmark was super simple to make. Cut a piece of heavy cardstock 2″x 6″ and use glue stick and cover it with some of the tissue. Trim the excess and punch a hole for a beaded “tassell” and attach the tassell with a jump ring. Add a saying if you like.


I sure had fun making these little projects all inspired from one little tissue!

Here is a pdf file if you like the kitty cat book mark:

Click and Print:

cat bookmark PDF photo


  1. It is so amazing what you come up with, always enjoy seeing your imaginative creations. I have so much fun myself in the bag sections at the thrift store. Those bags of mismatched items are always so fun to open up once I get home.

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