Repurposing Some Art + Free Printable Fabric Transfer

bag c

Sometimes even my art projects need to be repurposed.  If you have been following my blog, the image of this dog might look a little familiar to you.  I wrote a fun post called “The Dog Days of Summer.” back in September last year.  The 10 x 10 mixed media canvas sat around Sunrose Gallery all this time and came back home because the gallery needs something fresh and new.  I decided to list this piece in my Etsy shop WhimziVille, but got the idea to repurpose my artwork for a canvas bag by playing with it in my photo software.


The dog was from a calendar page and I love the happy eyes and smile that it has. I took a high quality closeup and downloaded it into my computer.  It is SO FuN to play with clone and heal!


dog clone

This is a screen shot of the picture loaded to CLONE.  Cloning is almost like magic!!

Now you see it…………………………….Now you don’t!!!!!

I cloned and healed the magazine font out and since I had a blank canvas, it was easy to add my favorite new saying to the image : “You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it”


All that was left to do was print my new image on the fabric transfer sheet and follow the directions to iron it on to my new canvas bag.

Step One:  Iron the fabric WITHOUT STEAM.

Step Two: Iron the transfer WITHOUT STEAM

Step Three:  Remove the transfer while it is still piping hot.



bag c

I think it turned out soooo cute.  It is so bright and cheerful you can’t help smile.

I thought it would be fun to offer a free download if you want to make a transfer of your own, just click and print.

Click and Print:

dog pdf photo




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