Little Wire Cross Tutorial

wire cross feature new c2

Joy, the owner of Pacific Crest Cottage in Gearhart, Oregon  will be happy to finally get the wire crosses she ordered two weeks ago!  Usually I try to make orders right away but she made the mistake of saying “whenever.”  I made 10 of these yesterday.  I posted a wire cross tutorial last March and decided to repost it for the benefit of new followers.

You only need a few supplies to make them, and they are so sweet and dainty.  I have seen many versions of wire crosses that are really decorated and chock full of shells or beads.  I make this cross simple so the price can be very reasonable.


Supplies: 16 gauge annealed wire, 28 gauge black wire, wire cutters, needle nose pliers, double stick tape, pearls or shell necklaces.


Cut two pieces of wire 7.5″ long and two pieces 5″ long. TIP: if you apply some double stick tape where the pieces will intersect on each set of wires, the double stick tape will cut down the frustrating slipping of the wire.


Wrap some 28 gauge wire snuggly around the intersection and snip the wire.


Wrap the whole cross in 28 gauge wire. Then use needle nose pliers to curl the ends. TiP: I take a black felt pen to the double stick tape to make it invisible.


Thread the shells or pearls or beads on to the wire and wrap the wire around the cross after each bead. I am not very coordinated, so I put one bead on at a time. I purchase shell necklaces at garage sales.



Each cross takes about one half hour to make.

All Christians are solemnly thinking of the cross where our Lord died this “Holy Week” and if you read my Smiling Thoughts you can read the story how I became a “follower of the cross.”
Years ago I came to a decision about making things like crosses because I don’t intend to treat common something I consider sacred. The reason I make them is they mean something sacred to the folks that purchase them!
I put this tutorial together in case someone wants to make these to distribute to friends and family at this Easter season.

wire cross feature new c2

He is risen, He is risen indeed!


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