Easy Driftwood Heart Wall Hanging

driftwood heart feature

Who doesn’t like free craft supplies?  Next time you’re at the beach, gather skinny pieces of driftwood to make a wall hanging that is made on a cardboard cutout… another free craft supply!

driftwood heart start

Step One:  cut cardboard in a heart shape…(or fish, seahorse…) HINT:  I had some burlap scrapbook paper to give a little more texture…but cardboard by itself works great.

driftwood heart mockup

Check to make sure you have enough pieces to fill the heart.


Step Two: Cover the edge of the cardboard shape with rope trim, my trim was very pliable, more upholstery trim than rope.

Step Three:  Fill in the cardboard with driftwood pieces that are attached with hot glue.  Use pruning shears if your pieces are too long.

driftwood heart open 1

Step Four:  Notice how the burlap shows through the spaces, fill them with tan moss.  HINT:  squirt a tiny dab of hot glue and quickly cover with moss, using a butter knife to tuck the moss in place.

driftwood heart open closed

Here is the finished heart, it is pretty as it is, just add a twine hanger!

driftwood heart finished

I can’t leave well enough alone!  The finished heart would look so pretty hung in any room in a beachy cottage…..but….

driftwood heart feature

I was curious if I could “write” the word “Gearhart” in 16 gauge annealed wire.  After I printed out a the word written in cursive font, I discovered it is easy to bend the wire.  However it needed to be white to stand out so it got a quick paint job.  A little starfish later I was ready to stop.  LOL

I love free craft supplies!


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