National Plant a Flower Day!

nasturium feature c

Today is National Plant a Flower Day, and although no one would say I have a green thumb, I am ready to celebrate with a 10 x 10 mixed media collage!  I decided to make nasturtiums my theme because I confess I emptied the seed packet display at my local hardware store of all they had!

Last year I went to all five local stores who display seeds and although there was a great selection of the other varieties, alas the nasturtiums were sold out.  AHAH!  I have six packets, enough to make a border in the front yard.


nastur second feature

Several years ago, I cut out calendar page sunflowers and put thick layers of yellow acrylic paint for a faux oil painting of sunflowers.

z new_7

I thought it would be fun to do the same thing to a Burpee Nasturtium Seed packet illustration that I scanned into my computer and made a printout.


nastur paints

I sorted my acrylic paints!

nastur paints 2

I like using a piece of glass for my palette.  Get all the colors set to work at the edge.


nastur 3

I like using these because you can control the stroke and get defined lines.


Work moving out from the center.


nastur 6

Work whichever way you can apply the paint the easiest.


All of the flowers are painted with definite strokes, but not too thick or the paint will crack when it dries.


When the flowers were dry, the collage seemed on the drab side, so I used cardstock to make a fence background.


nasturium feature c

I like how it turned out…a fresh piece of art just in time for spring!

nastur seeds

I don’t think I will try planting these seeds today…but the next warm day it will be fun to plant them for a cheeful border!

HOW TO OBSERVE   National Plant a Flower Day (from the National Calendar)

Tips for Starting a Flower Garden

Let’s all work together by planting a flower and helping make the world a more beautiful place. Use #PlantAFlowerDay to post on social media



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