Upcycled Vase Paint Trio

paint vase 1c1

We must have a new manager at our local Goodwill because my jaw dropped open when I checked out the prices on some pretty glass vases.  They usually are $5.99-7.99 which is almost retail.  However I was pleasantly surprised at $1.99 for each of them.  In my cart, and out the door. LOL


vase paint start

I got the Stop and Smell the Roses vase for $1.00 at a garage sale last fall, having a trio was the perfect excuse to have a paint party using fingernail polish and Vitrial glass paint.

vase paint big

A razor blade made quick work of scraping the gold font and the vase shined after a nice soapy bath in the kitchen sink.  I love Vitrail paints for glass.  They go on so smooth and dry to a glassy finish.  I used my fingers to paint a swirling pattern with each of the gorgeous colors as if it was blown glass.  I haven’t painted the backside because it would be difficult to show my design, so that is a job for tonight.

vase paint stripe

I like the shape of this vase and it was perfect to make faux glass stripes which were seperated with a gold felt pen.  EASY.

vase paint flower

This is such an easy upcycle with fingernail polish and if you change your colors, a little acetone wipes the design and you can start all over again.  I printed out an easy flower design and taped the cut out inside the vase so it was fool proof to paint.

vase paint flower pattern

Then I filled in the design with two shades of blue nail polish plus a pretty green and outlined it with black paint pen.

paint vase 1c1

This was a fast and fun project to inspire you to upgrade your clear vases with some happy spring colors!


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