Little Lamp Gets a Redo!

drift finished

Last time I had a pow wow with Cathy, owner of Sunrose Gallery, she requested a few more driftwood lamps featuring natural driftwood.

drift before room

This was the perfect opportunity to repurpose a swag light kit that has been hanging in my house since it didn’t sell within it’s time at Sunrose. I could have kept it but I don’t need extra lighting in the room….so goodbye yacht map lamp!

z new_12

Some sharp scissors made it easy to cut the lamp shade from the wire frame!

drift clean

The sticky glue residue is easily removed from the frame with Ronsonol lighter fluid. It works great to remove wine labels too.

drift wrap

This is a closeup of how I weave on 18 gauge wire to make spacing the driftwood pieces so they stay in place. It is nearly impossible to keep the driftwood pieces to balance in place without the weaved wire.

driftwood wrap

I like the look of wire wrapped driftwood, however you can drill holes in the tops and bottoms of the driftwood and hang the pieces with wire and add bead strands to each bottom.

driftwood top

This is a closeup of how the wires attach at the tops.

driftwood bottom

The wire is bent at the bottom to go straight down.

driftwood beads

Beads are added with a pretty shell at each bottom.

drift finished

It was nice to repurpose the swag chain kit. To make the next driftwood lamp I will have to pay about $20.00 for the next kit. It will be fun to see this hanging in Sunrose Gallery soon and my room doesn’t miss the hanging lamp at all!


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