Inspired By My Favorite Sweatshirt

short sands feature f

I keep checking into TerHar’s boutique on Broadway in Seaside, Oregon to see if they have any more hoodies like the one I bought 4 years ago. Nope! Boo hoo because it is my favorite.

short sands start

Poor little hoodie, last summer it lost it’s tension and has become baggy and stretched out…so it has turned into a “work shirt”.  I had the brainstorm to make my own version since I have become confident in using fabric transfers!

short sands

So I scanned the graphic into my computer and decided to try it on a canvas bag before I order a hoodie for myself.

short sands bag start

JoAnn Fabrics has 3 packs of canvas bags so reasonably priced and if you use the 40% coupon, well they almost give them to you!  The most important thing about fabric transfers is the fabric must be completely dry, so if you iron the canvas before ironing the transfer, NO STEAM.


I’ve purchased two packages of Jolee’s and am very happy how easy they are to work with! Plus the results are pretty amazing.

short sands printout

Another important hint is remembering to reverse the image if you include font.

short sands feature f

It is so easy to make the fabric transfer:  Iron for 90 seconds and remove while the image is piping hot!  I like how the bag turned out.  I am on the hunt for a blue hoodie to match the shade of my old favorite,  it will be fun to make my replacement.

Wish Me Luck!


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