Another Fun Napkin Necklace Redo

napkin necklace 2 feature (2)

Are you ready for a 15 minute craft?  This is so fun and easy it feels like cheating.  I got the necklace in a jar of old costume jewelry at Goodwill.

napkinl necklace II

It was really nice that the plastic pieces were already white!  Napkins will disappoint after they are decoupaged if the background isn’t white.

napkin necklace 2 paper seperate

Step One:  Separate the extra layers from the napkin so you are only working with the top layer for the color to really pop.

napkin necklace 2 feature

Cut the pieces from different sections of the napkin and lay out to see if you like it.

napkin necklace 2 feature (2)

I like to use Diamond Glaze, but Mod Podge works too.  Simply add a dab of the adhesive and smooth out the napkin.  I keep water closeby to wet my fingers slightly if the adhesive makes my fingers lift the napkin.

There you have a new necklace in minutes!

P.S.  If you have fallen in love with these napkins, I got them in Manzanita, Oregon but I found them on the internet:  They are named BE-SPOKED.  If you click on “Be-Spoked, it will take you to the link.

This necklace is listed in my Etsy Shop!


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