Free Printable Washi Tape Greeting Card

washi tape owl card feature

I’m still on my quest to use up washi tape and it was a fun adventure to make this owl which turned into the inspiration for a greeting card.  If you want to use up some of your washi tape and make an owl, it is easy and fun to make.

washi tape greeting card start

Step One:  Cut out the shape of the owl on cardstock and cut out eye circles, eyes, nose, and wings.

Step Two: Cover each element with strips of washi tape.

Step Three: Assemble the owl and mount in a frame.

The owl can be adapted to match any decor using washi tape in the right color scheme and would be darling in a child’s room.

washi tape owl card feature

Since I don’t really have a place to sell the washi tape embellished owl, I scanned the image into my computer for a cool graphic focal.  I like the whimsical saying that fits the owl theme.

If you want a greeting card of your own, click and print below.  After printing, fold the cardstock in half and cut off 1/2″ on the top and  right side and 1″ off the bottom to fit an A7 greeting card envelope.

Click and Print:

washi tape greeting card owl for odf

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