World’s Best Mom Trophy Doll

globe doll feature.

This isn’t the first globe doll I have made.  I got the idea 5 years ago when I needed to use up an Ebay auction of old candlesticks.  I made them with the idea of a being a trophy that would be cute on a desk or shelf.

garage sale report doll

So when I saw this globe at a garage sale this weekend I thought it would be fun to make a World’s Best Mom in time for Mother’s Day.


globe punch

Step One:  Use an awl to punch holes for the head and legs.


Step Two:  Use heavy wire (I used 16 gauge annealed wire) to attach the clipart head and poke about 1.5″ of wire into the ball.    HINT: A magazine head works perfect if you don’t have access to clipart or use an actual photo of the recipient.

I like glittery crowns and usually add a ribbon rose for some whimsy.

Step Three:  Fold a 10″ wire in half and poke 1.5″ into the ball.  Make a faux skirt with tulle and hot glue it to the ball.


globe words

Step Four:  Print a banner and attach with hot glue.

globe doll stand

Step Five:  If you wish, paint a candlestick a whimsical color.  Attach the ball with E6000.

globe ball doll c

This is a fun Mother’s Day gift, but I have made my globe “trophies” World’s Best Golfer, World’s Best Cook, the sky is the limit!


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