Dressed Up Starfish

starfish feature 2cf

I get starfish for a reasonable price at JoAnn Fabrics, only problem is they come in a three pack of gaduated sizes and sometimes the largest starfish in the package is too large for any of my projects.

joAnns starfish

After a while I have a stack of the larger starfish and and so I have to dream up a new way to use them.


starfish makeover window

It’s fairly common to see folks put larger starfish in their window, but a little wall hanging would be a cool tourist-y item to make for Sunrose Gallery here in Seaside, Oregon.


starfish start

Supplies:  Sturdy starfish, 16 gauge copper wire, seaglass pieces, moss or lichen.


starfish wrap 1

Make the end of the wire into a swirl and gently wrap the copper wire around the starfish twisting the end into a loop.  The main reason for the swirl is to make a base for the seaglass to attach to.

starfish wrap 2


wish you_4

If you have some metal tags (Tim Hotz) you can attach it on the bottom of the swirl. The metal tag isn’t neccesary to make the starfish wall hanging.

wish you_6

Next, use glue (I like hot glue) to attach a piece of sea glass and decorate around the edges.

wish you_5

wish you_3

wish you_2

I like how my little trio turned out.  It’s a beachy little craft that only takes minutes to transform a pretty starfish into …..the star!



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