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I’ve always been a maker, but it wasn’t until 1990 that I first felt I could call myself an artist.  I had no idea my marriage of 19 years was about to fall apart just before I signed up for two art classes at our local community college.  I told my husband “Christians don’t get divorced”.  But it happened.

My four children were ages 8-16 so they had gymnastics, jobs, paper routes and all their friends to keep them busy.  The divorce was a big hole in my heart but the joy of doing my homework for those classes helped me through those first months.  Most of the assignments took at least 8 hours to make at home.  I called it home-play instead of homework!

When I finished 2 quarters of classes, Basic Design and Acrylic Painting, I discovered that anyone could have a solo art show at our local library.  The only requirement was you had to fill up all the walls.  That meant I had to make a bunch of 18″ x 24″ mixed media pieces.

So I went to Target and bought frames and filled them up with my quirky designs using Color-Aid Paper, a graphic design paper.  I didn’t sell any art at that show, however I was invited to join Broadway Gallery, a local artist owned gallery!  It was funny when the supervisor discussed framing with me.  He wrinkled his nose and said, “Your frames look like they came from Target!”  I got educated about framing and quickly learned about quality framing.  I sold 15 pieces the first year and I was off and running in my newfound identity as an artist.

Like the saying on this little canvas bag says, “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.”  If life has handed you lemons, you don’t have to make lemonade, which means to me “make the best of it.”  My advice is to look up to God first, and then follow your heart.  I followed my art!

If you want to make a fabric transfer of this darling little cat, Click and Print and follow the directions on the back of the package for fabric transfers.

Click and Print:

complete wonderful graphic resized

OOPS, I forgot when I made this printable pdf. in reverse the printing for you if you are using the directions for Light Colored Fabric, so don’t forget to do that when you print it out!


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