Kissing Frog

smooch feature c


In our part of the woods, frog themed things sell and when I got this ceramic tile frog at a garage sale recently, I was happy it was self standing with a sturdy easel attached in the back.  This is the 4th or 5th frog mixed media piece that I have made with the saying “Wanna Smooch”.  Every time one piece sells, I think….”if it happened once, it could happen again.”  LOL


This is the last frog themed piece, it would have been fun to see who purchased it!


garage sale report_10


This makeover was so easy it is sort of embarrasing to call it a makeover!

First:  Went over the raised lines with black because some of the raised edge was chipped.

Second:  Adapted a crown shaped lapel pin to fit the frogs head and glued it.

Third:  Made a whimsical edge with black and gold.

Fourth: Printed out “Wanna Smooch?” and attached with glue stick.


Personally I didn’t have to kiss a lot of frogs to find my Prince!  I guess that’s a bonus from  following the Lord  :  )

smooch feature c

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