ArtEmboss Earrings Experiment

stampington feature

I forgot I had a brand new roll of copper ArtEmboss until I dug through a messy drawer.  ArtEmboss is a nice accent for earrings, especially like it paired with these copper hoop earring findings.  I thought they would be perfect to do an experiment: hand emboss vs. machine emboss.

stampington earrings

A few years ago I was lucky enough to get an idea of mine published in Stampington Publishing’s Green Craft Magazine.  The pay scale was 30% more if I accepted a gift card to shop at Stampington’s Online store.  So I opted for the gift card and had so much fun shopping.  That is how I got the “Artisan x-plorer” and I really haven’t utelized it as much as I should.

I stacked the metal embossing plate sandwich and ran my ArtEmboss copper foil through it excited to see how the pattern looked.  When it was done,  I flipped the piece of ArtEmboss foil to the backside and traced the outline of the earring finding on the back and cut it out.


stampington earrings hand emboss

Part two of the experiment, I traced the outline of the earring finding on a plain piece of ArtEmboss and used the wood stylus to hand emboss, then I cut the pieces out following the tracing lines.


stampington feature

I used stain on the machine embossed set and left the hand embossed natural.  It was a fun experiment plus it was nice to finally get some use out of my embossing machine!

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