tin earrings April c

I found a sandwich bag of vintage tin container parts and I guess I never took a photo of the tin lid from which I cut this medallion.   These earrings took 15 minutes to make!  Tin is so easy to work with and everything you make is OOAK.

I went “Pinterest-ing” the other day and saved a bunch of images that were inspiring for Someday Maybe?

Pinterest is a treasure trove of creativity and here are the pictures to prove it:

tin idea 4

Wow talk about a statement piece!

tin idea 3

I am used to working flat…these are interesting!

tin idea 2

Cool idea, wish I had thought of it!

tin idea 7

I have never worked with rivets…maybe I need to get into those?  NO! (on second thought.)

tin idea 5

I admire anyone who wants to smooth all those edges!

tin idea 1

This is such a good idea for a tin container with a large pattern!

tin idea 6

Here is some silliness and awesome creativity!  I want to meet the person who made this!!!!!

I hope these photos get folks inspired to buy that vintage tin container at the next garage sale and have some fun.



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