Napkin Necklace #3

napkin necklace #3 feature main

I went to Dollar Tree and found some new pretty napkins to decoupage another piece of the chunky bracelet I got at Goodwill.

goodwill 4

I am going to be on the lookout for more napkins to remake 3 more pieces.


napkin necklace #3

Step One:  cut a piece of napkin and trace the outline with a fingernail to make an indention and cut out.

napkin necklace #3 more

Step Two:  separate all the layers you only want to have one layer or the design will look hazy.

napkin necklace #3 white

Step Three:  Cover the surface with white paint.


napkin necklace #3 diamond glaze

Step Four:  Decoupage the napkin onto the surface with Mod Podge or Diamond Glaze.  I like Diamond Glaze because it is clear.


napkin necklace #3 start

Step Five:  Gather beads and chain sections.

napkin necklace #3 chain

Step Six:  Assemble beads with eye pins to the chain sections.

napkin necklace #3 closeup

I love the bright colors….you can wear this to brighten many outfits!

napkin necklace #3 feature

I like to mix up the bead styles….no matchy matchy for me.  LOL

I can hardly wait to find my next napkin to decoupage :  )




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