The Sea Is Her Cup of Tea!

Sea Tea Feature

This little teapot doll will have a special spot in the front window of Sunrose Gallery here in Seaside, Oregon as soon as owner Cathy sees her.  I have made quite a few teapot dolls with the theme “The Sea is Her Cup of Tea.”

cup of tea start

I actually have two teapots, but for today I am going to make the largest one.  It needed a quick cleaning with Tarnex and a little elbow grease.


cup of tea bottom

I like to start at the bottom and don’t usually have a plan.  I just play and see what works.  I like the shell surrounded by the tiny shells.  After I got it started, decorating the rest of the bottom went very fast.


cup of tea face crown top edge

Dollar Tree has cheap “ping pong” balls that are actually pliable plastic balls that I poke a hole in to attach to the teapot finial.  I glue on a clip art face and make a window screen crown that is decorated with moss and shells.  Her “collar” is little shells and a border of crushed abalone shells and a string of pearls decorates her neck.


cup of tea spout

I run a 20 gauge wire down the spout to attach a cascade of prisms and glass beads.

Sea Tea Feature

Last, a parchment banner says “The Sea is Her Cup of Tea”.

These are really fun to make and some nice tourist will be taking this piece home one of these days.

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