Blue Plate Special…Dishwasher Safe ModPodge

blue plate feature

A pretty blue plate + a Caspari print napkin + white nail polish + Diswasher safe Mod Podge!

my kitchen window

I have a fascination with glass!  Through the years I have collected colorful glass pieces that I keep in my kitchen window at garage sales and thrift stores….so when I saw this beautiful blue plate at the garage sale I knew it was a keeper!

garage sale report

I only paid $2.00 for this pretty plate in perfect condition.

blue plate start

I have been dreaming up projects for Caspari brand beachy print napkins!

Step One:  Cut out the pieces and try an arrangement.  After you like the arrangement use the tiniest bit of glue stick to tack the napkin pieces in place. If you are using pieces of napkin and don’t paint  underneath where they will be decoupaged  with white paint, you will be very disappointed.

HINT: If you have some favorite paper napkins with a large print (or pretty print paper) , you can use this idea as inspiration for your own decoupage.

blue plate trace on back

I used my smart phone flashlight to help with the next step!

Step Two:  Use white paint pen to trace where each shell will go on the opposite side of the plate.

blue plate paint white

Step Three:  Paint the shape with white acrylic paint or fast dry nail polish.  I use nail polish because it comes with a little brush!  After the polish is dry, use Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge to attach the napkin pieces.  Later, after all the pieces are completely dry, seal the tops of each piece with a coat of Dishwasher Safe ModPodge.

blue plate feature

The plate was pretty after I decoupaged all the napkin pieces….but it wasn’t whimsical!  So I used the end of a pencil eraser to paint nail polish polka dots.  Now it is whimsical enough for my taste.  :  )


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