Swings on the Beach!


It is so fun to live in a town where folks come to have fun!  Our town is about one and a half hours away from Big City Life….Portland, Oregon.  I get to interact with vistors to our town the first Saturday of every month at ArtWalk held at Sunrose Gallery.  It will be fun to point out this new piece of art and see the folks reaction to the word “Ratrace”.  LOL


seaside prom

A cement walkway starts at one end of our beach and goes to the other end for one and a half miles.  The “turnaround” is in the middle and is the best hangout at sunset time!


See the smiles?  Folks really can find fun and relaxation here.  Expect to drive slow when you go downtown….surreys are everywhere.


Folks are lined up outside the Aquarium from Spring break until the end of September, especially on weekends. This aquarium has been in business since 1937!

seaside caro

Another fun highlight is the Carousel another oldie but goodie.


The first Saturday of each month I get to hob-nob with the tourists and they get to hop from one gallery to the next seeing all that Seaside artists have come up with since their last visit!


Our little town even has swings on the beach, where the air is clean and the view from the swing is as good as you can get!



  1. Hi ( Hei ) Ya’ll I am Kristi Ann,

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