Updated 1990’s Necklace



update necklace feature

I recently got a new appreciation for the cost of beads!  I make window valances that have accents of India beads which I purchased from Michael’s Craft stores.  They discontinued those beads and I was thrilled to discover Shipwreck Beads in Olympia, Washington.  Now I have a source for my cool India beads and as I wandered through the ginormous warehouse store looking at other kinds of beads I was shocked at the sticker price of other kinds of beads!


renew start

I am used to getting jars of old jewelry from Goodwill that are chock full of old necklaces like this dated orange and white one.  Beads similar to them were $1.25 each!  So I have a new appreciation of what I actually have.  I got a jar of old necklaces  few weeks ago and thought this dated necklace could have a really nice update.


renew start 2

Step One:  Take the necklace apart and wash all the pieces you are going to keep in soapy water.  Hint:  I threw away all the metal parts which were oxidized.


orange glass bicone

Step Two: Plan your design.  I keep it simple by making several sections of  larger beads using a large head pin.


orange rondelle

I attach the bead sections to lengths of chain cut the same measurement.

orange long

Step Three:  For this bead section made a little chain of two beads and attach them to the chain lengths the same as the others.   HINT:  I assemble the necklace as I make each bead section to verify I like the pattern.

Step Four:  After all the bead sections and chain pieces are connected, attach a section of chain for the back of the necklace.

orange tassell

Step Five: Make a tassell with three beads, two of them attached to different lengths of chain.  OOPS I just noticed that the tassell was snagged on the chain when I took this photo!  Each bead tassell element should be hanging free.

orange earring set


I had beads left over, so why not make matching earrings?  In less than an hour this little necklace got a makeover that took it out of the 90’s and it is ready to go new places in 2019!

update necklace feature




  1. I Love how the set turned out. The “oxidized” metal pieces might have worked in a steam-punk or mermaid/beach project. Can you tell that I NEVER throw anything away? LOL!


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