Dianna’s Donation becomes a Queenly Mermaid

mermaid side feature

It’s cool when friends are in the process of moving, as the boxes fill up they decide they don’t need stuff, that’s how I ended up with this fabulous glass head. Thanks, Dianna!

dianna's donation

Step One: Wash to remove all oils so the glue will stick permanently.

dianna start

Step Two: Spray the INSIDE of the statue with white paint.

dianna's donation closeup

Step Three: Sort your shells and plan the design. I wanted “strands” of hair for bangs so I simulated them with tiny shell necklace sections.

mermaid side back

Step Four: Fill all the areas with shells. I wanted to simulate a braid with the shells. Any empty places I will be filled with light tan moss.

mermaid side feature

Step Five: I applied a coat of Diamond Glaze to the surfaces of the face and neck and sprinkled it with white sand from the craft store. The main reason for the sand was to make the “seam” down the center of her face disappear. I used some copper plumbers metal strip tape to make a crown covered with pearls and shells for a “Queen of the Sea” statue.

This one will be hard to give up for sale! I might talk myself into keeping her because she looks pretty fabulous in my beach themed livingroom.


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