Mermaid Fortune Teller

mermaid fortune teller

Recently I purchased a coffee table book of Vogue magazine covers and was so happy with all the art inspiration that I went searching on Ebay and found a coffee table book of mermaid illustrations. I waited eagerly for my new book to arrive but was soooo disappointed with the contents.

The book was filled with vintage mermaid illustrations however the images were slightly creepy and erotic. Not my style. I actually tossed the book after removing only one full size page image that I thought I could use.

mermaid page

A little vellum envelope that was glued to the back of this page intrigued me with a mysterious empty envelope…..

mermaid fortune teller
Mermaid Fortune Teller
mermaid back
Fortune Teller Back

It said it was a “Fortune Telling Mermaid”. There wasn’t anything in the envelope so I went straight to Google to solve the mystery.


So the contents were a mermaid shape which reacts like these fish to “tell” your fortune.

The words “Mermaid Fortune Teller” got my creative juices going and I thought it would be fun to use one of my 10 x 10 canvases have a whimsical spinner with the Mermaid being the “arrow”.

mermaid center

I found photos of vintage signs and edited them for my fonts.

mermaid magazine image

I have a drawer of mermaid images I cut from magazines. This was a full size photo of a mermaid shaped soap!

mermaid border

The background circle is from an actual yacht map. After gluing it with rubber cement, I made a decorative edge with gold and red paint pens and little dots with Ranger Stickles.

mermaid spinner

The spinner was fun to make with free spinner clipart and a mermaid image I had on hand. I glued a pearl on her hand and she is secured to the spinner with a pearl tipped pin that was bent and secured at the back.

mermaid arrow

Gold arrows made with Ranger Stickles decorated each corner for a finishing touch.

mermaid fortune teller

This morning I had no idea I was going to make a Mermaid Fortune Teller! It’s fun to have inspiration that comes from enjoying the journey even if you find some disappointment along the way. I will definitely learn from my Ebay book experience to know the contents before I click “add to your cart.”

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  1. Mermaids are so pretty, but there are some scary ones out there. These are all really beautiful images. I have a couple mermaids in my collection. I love anything sea related. Think it has something to do with my zodiac sign, which is Cancer. Us July babies love our sea.

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