Mom’s a Queen Chalkboard

chalkboard feature 1

This idea for a mom silhouette chalkboard popped into my head when I was sorting through some magazines and saw a framed profile silhouette in a wall grouping!


springboard ideas 4

You just never know when inspiration will hit ya!  Since Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching I was trying to think of a practical craft for Mom’s.


mom chalkboard start

Step One:  Take a side view photograph of Mom’s face for her profile.  When you print the profile photo out, color it black.

Step Two:  I scanned the darkened profile into my computer and printed it out on two pieces of paper so the finished head would be 15″ at the widest point of the crown.  (I provided a clip art crown that you can print out and add to your profile.)

Step Three:  Cut out the enlarged profile and use it as a pattern to draw on to black foam board (that is what I used)  or heavy cardboard or chipboard.

Step Four:  Use an Exacto knife to cut the foam board. Smooth the edges with your fingers.

Step Five:  Cover the front surface with a good coat of Mod Podge. (This is important because Chalk Paint can make the foam board surface to bubble.)

Step Six:  After the Mod Podge is dry, apply several coats of chalkpaint to the surface, using strokes in the opposite direction between each coat.

Step Seven: Print out the message your Queen Chalkboard needs to say and use a glue stick to attach.

Step Eight: If your Queen Chalkboard is going on the fridge, attach a few magnets to the back with hot glue.  If you want it to hang on the wall, glue a wire or hanging string on the back.





mom chalkboard feature






Click and Print:

crown photo for pdf



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