Kraft Paper Rolls

kraft set 2

When I happened upon a magazine photo of a decorating hack using kraft paper I rejoiced!  I have rolls of kraft paper that I have had since 2005!  I used to make dozens of 5 x 7 hand cast paper mixed media pieces and the kraft paper roll worked perfect to seal the back of the frame.


springboard ideas 8

This decorating idea is so fun….and inexpensive!

kraft paper sign

I made the Beach Rules wall hanging first.  It’s very simple to make…simply use a pencil to roll each end and secure with a line of hot glue. I printed the Beach Rules on a separate piece of kraft paper that I ran through my computer printer.  I used a glue stick to attach the piece between the rolled ends.


kraft hanging

I made a thick roll at the top and bottom with the kraft paper and filled 24″ with rope and beachy elements.  I really tried to polish off the roll of kraft paper, but I have enough left for other projects.  Oh well, I tried!

This would be a nice summer craft to do with the kids if you collect shells on the beach for a fun and easy souvenir display.



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