A Different Kind of Rainbow Free Printable Greeting Card

promise you feauture

I finally found the elements I wanted to use with a magazine image I found recently. So I made a whimsical 5 x 7 mixed media piece.

springboard ideas 1

When I saw the Bradbury&Bradbury vintage wallpaper ad, it reminded me of an artsy rainbow.

promise you start

It’s fun to go through stacks of scrapbooking backgrounds and I liked the subtle message on this sheet.  I used three different junk earrings to make the sun with beads to simulate “rain” falling.

promise you feauture

I was tempted to add the words, “You will see your rainbow soon” but decided instead to let the piece speak for itself.  Christians know that the rainbow is a sign of God’s promise…. not to flood the earth again.

I have a dear friend who uncannily has rainbows appear at critical times of decision and they comfirm to her that she is going in the right direction.  Right now she is going through a rough patch so I hope this rainbow post makes her smile and strengthen her trust in the Lord!

I liked how the whimsical piece turned out well enough to offer a free printable greeting card.

Click and Print:

promise you greeting card resized photo for pdf



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