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I started blogging in June of 2017 not knowing that I would “meet” folks that I probably will never meet….in person!  Since I was just starting out, I “followed” blogs in the hopes they would return the favor and follow me.

What I didn’t realize is how much fun it is to join bloggers on their journey and feel the sense of kinship and support that you feel in a real life friendship!

One thing that really comes through in the blogs I follow is their authencitiy: this is their real life.  Speaking of real life, I have to SQUEEZE out time to read the blogs! So I have settled into a routine where I set aside an hour and “get caught up.”

When I am sitting at the computer or looking at my smart phone screen reading the blogs in my “reader” I find hilarious entertainment, artful inspiration, yummy recipes and folks I just discovered I need to pray for!

That is what I appreciate about the blogs I follow is that they are real and it takes courage for folks to state the truth about medical conditions and real life sorrows.

So this card is in honor of the support from my blogging friends…it is another way of God taking care of us!

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  1. That’s so sweet, Patty! I have discovered the same thing about my “blogging world”! Amazing how you do feel like you “know” people you’ve never met. Kind of like in the old days of pen pals only to a much larger degree! Your saying on the card is so true!


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