Dog Gone Cute Necklaces!

dog napkin feature

It’s so fun to make something that makes you smile back when you are putting it together.  I had fun assembling this necklace trio made from a whimsical 3 ply paper napkin.

dog napkin start

I regularly check Ebay or Etsy for “decoupage napkins”.  The listings are usually for an assortment of designs or sets of two for a ridiculously low price.  These came in the mail this week….aren’t they adorable?


goodwill 4

I sure have gotten a lot of mileage from this bracelet that was in a Goodwill junk jewelry jar!  The dog breed napkin was so cute I decided to use up the last 3 elements and be done with repurposing it.


dog napkin imprint

Decoupaging with napkins is ridiculously easy!

Step One:  Use your fingernail to trace the outline of your jewelry element.

dog napkin remove back layers

Step Two:  remove the extra layers from the 3 ply napkin.


dog napkin paint background

Step Three: paint the background white.  NOTE: If you don’t you will be very disappointed with the result.

dog napkin design

Next, I decided on the beads I would use with the silver chains.


dog napkin dashound

Use Mod Podge or Diamond Glaze (my choice because it is clear to start with) to adhere the image to your jewelry finding.

dog napkin bulldog

dog napkin airedale

The doggies are so sweet, and since I have two complete napkins I can make a lot of necklaces, lapel pins, and whatever pops in my mind!

dog napkin back

The backs were covered with extra napkin pieces and their breed name.

dog napkin feature

I used the images from one napkin and plan to scan the other one it into my computer before I cut it up!




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