Bejeweled Splatter Screen Tree

jeweled tree feature

Last year I got a round screen from the free pile at a garage sale and had so much fun transforming it into a pearl tree.  I like to find my craft supplies at garage sales or thrift stores, but when I saw my local Kitchen Connection store had a three pack of splatter screens for $6.00, I had to buy them!

This time around I wanted to use up a handful of junk jewelry and am so happy how this turned out!


This sold at Sunrose Gallery  here in Seaside, Oregon last year!


jewelry tree start 1

Step One:  Lay out the pieces and trace around them for your pattern.


jewelry tree paint

Step Two: Paint the rim and add some paint to the background  so there is “interest” behind the junk jewelry.  NOTE: if your jewelry is silver, no need to paint the rim!  However you will still need to wrap the exposed edges with silver necklace chains or other cord because the screen edge is impossible to cut close enough not to leave the inside edge very scratchy.


jewelry tree almost finished

Step Three:  Use E6000 to glue down the pieces. NOTE:  I use a kitchen silicone mat so the glue doesn’t adhere to my work surface.

Step Four:  After the glue is set, use scissors to remove the screen as close to all the edges.  The screen edges cut skin very easy, so be careful!  Also, use a Dremel to cut the handle off the screen.

jewelry tree chain closeup

Step Five:  wrap the exposed edges with necklace chains.  I like the whimsy of different colored chains.


jewelry tree trunk closeup

Step 6:  I couldn’t get the screen cut close enough (not be scratchy) to the “tree trunk” so I added necklace chain so no one will get cut by the sharp screen.

jewelry tree closeup 1

It’s fun to tuck in unexpected stuff….because there are no rules!


jewelry tree closeup 2

jewelry tree closeup 3

jewelry tree closeup 4

This piece was really fun to make and since Seaside First Saturday ArtWalk is next weekend, I’m betting it will have a place of honor on “my wall” in just a few days!


jeweled tree feature

Isn’t it cool that a kitchen splatter screen and some junk jewelry can be turned into a lovely piece of art?


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