Art Emboss Earrings Perfect for Cinco de Mayo!


artemboss earrings with beads

I ordered a new roll of copper ArtEmboss from my favorite online art supply website: Dick Blick.  I’ve had this earring idea rolling around in my head for a while and it is fun to finally make it.

artemboss at Dick Blick

The copper roll comes with a wood stylus and the copper is really easy to emboss!


Artemboss earrings with beads start

Step One:  Cut two round 2″ pieces of medium weight copper ArtEmboss.  NOTE: I used my thick materials punch.  Lightly fold each piece in two like a taco.


artemboss earrings with beads crease

Step Two: (oops, I took the photo without the copper on the awl. ) This step works best if you use a tool to crease the copper while it is still on the awl.  CREASE BOTH SIDES so it appears like the photo above.  I use a bone folder, but any flat tool will be perfect.


artemboss earrings with beads fold

Step 3: Fold the pieces back to reveal a channel.  Flatten both pieces so there is a crisp edge to the channel.


artemboss earrings with beads emboss

Step 4:  Emboss the copper.  NOTE:  I held each side on the edge of the table to preserve the crispness of the channel while I was embossing the design.  If you wish you can “antique” the copper by covering the surface with permanent marker and rub off the excess with a tissue until the ink is only in the embossing pattern.


artemboss earrings with beads glue

Step Four:  Use a eye pin to stack seed beads (my beads are very large seed beads) making sure they fit the channel perfectly.  Slide the eye pin bead strand into the channel, then slide it down to squirt a dab of E6000 at the top of the channel.  Next, slide the eye pin strand up to squire a dab of E6000 at the bottom.  Finally slide it into place and set aside until the glue is dry.


artemboss earrings with beads

Step Five:  Attach the earring finding and some complimentary beads to hook on to the bottom for some pizzazz!

These earrings take less than an hour to make and they would be so cute to wear to a Cinco de Mayo celebration!

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