Thrift Store Paradise!

Longview Thrift Store bonanza

I visited my old stomping grounds last weekend and discovered that Downtown Longview, Washington had turned into a thrift store paradise! I spent $25.00 and got all these goodies and can hardly wait to show you my ideas.

Longview Thrift Store bonanza drawer handle idea

I’m the most excited about the wood door handles that were 75% off, so they cost $1.25 each.  I plan to combine them with the composite craft door and the ONLY image I could salvage from a mermaid coffee table book (that I paid $10.00 for…plus shipping!)

Longview Thrift Store bonanza beach flower idea

The glass vase is quite heavy so it will work for quirky flowers I plan to make using shells and necklace pendants.

Longview Thrift Store bonanza more napkin

This set will be fun to decoupage:  either napkins or some fabulous image.

Longview Thrift Store bonanza napkin redo bases

More decoupage base ideas!

Longview Thrift Store bonanza picket idea

I have a 3′ pine picket that is already painted white and these will make a great “coat rack” after I drill holes and screw them on.

Longview Thrift Store bonanza odd ones

I love little odd pieces that come in handy so often to add whimsy and make something truly OOAK.


I want to turn this into a mermaid lariat necklace!

Longview Thrift Store bonanza

It’s going to be so fun to remake all these treasures!

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