Repurposed Mermaid Book Page

mermaid book feature

I don’t think a lot of my readers are interested in mermaids, but the tourists that visit Sunrose Gallery in Seaside, Oregon are!  So it will be fun to see how long this mermaid assemblage hangs on the wall in my section of the gallery.  I got the mermaid image from a coffee table book I got off Ebay.


Longview Thrift Store bonanza drawer handles

I got these vintage wood drawer handles at a antique store in Longview, Washington. I fervently looked through the booth because there was a 75% off  sign on the wall.  I picked up the handles and thought “hmm, what could I do with these?”  then put them back in the basket.  However, it dawned on me they were shaped like the arched window I just purchased at Michael’s….so I added them to my pile.


Longview Thrift Store bonanza drawer handle idea

You never know if an idea is going to work until you try it!  I flipped the paper mache window to the backside and used rubber cement to adhere the book image to the smooth side.


mermaid book closeup

Then I used E6000 to adhere the drawer handles to the top and bottom edges.  After the glue was set, I took apart a shell necklace to add a beachy border on the top and bottom.

mermaid book top

I used some Ranger Stickles to the drawer handle grooves and made a design on the blank spaces at the top.


mermaid book bottom

The bottom drawer handle wasn’t the same size on both sides,  so I had to use tiny shells on the left and larger shells on the right!

mermaid book feature

It is so fun to think out of the box, using vintage drawer handles to turn a book image into an unusual piece of beachy art!


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