Repurposed Bracelet to Mermaid Necklace

bracelet to mermaid necklace feature

I’ve never been to a beach with turquoise or blue water!  It must be a glorious sight.  I first fell in love with ocean water in Seattle and my favorite place was at the waterfront where the water was a murky green and smelled like stuff lived it in. Now I live a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean in Seaside, Oregon and I’ve seen our water appear all of the colors in my necklace depending on the light!



When I spied this bracelet at a thrift store recently, I immediately thought of making a mermaid themed necklace because I have some mermaid clipart with all these colors.


bracelet to mermaid necklace start

I started by using my wire clippers to remove the sections of bead strands and assembling some garage sale jewelry findings I thought would work to stretch the bead strand sections into something long enough for a necklace.

bracelet to mermaid necklace trial

Next, space the pieces to see if there is enough and if it works!


bracelet to mermaid necklace closeup

I liked how doubling up the strands added to the design and attached the focal pendant with antique copper jump rings.


bracelet to mermaid necklace side

It was an easy assembly to attach the ready made bead strands!


bracelet to mermaid necklace feature

Reimagining this bracelet was so easy it actually felt like cheating!  Isn’t it fun to play with an idea and be happy with how it turned out?  YAY!

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