Repurposed Ring Ideas

ring necklace feature

Every jar of junk jewelry I purchase has a bunch of rings in it.  I am always trying to think of quirky casual necklaces that are fun for jeans and a t-shirt.  At the same time it dawned on me to try  incorporating some rings for a funky keychain.

ring necklace closeup

These rings have no where to go, and they are still so pretty with a lot of life in them.


ring necklace closeup two

I put a sturdy jump ring on a binder ring and filled it with the rings!  Then I cut up some necklace chains and made a collage of the different chain styles.  EASY!


ring necklace keychain

The keychain was just as easy to make using two rings as the bottom decoration with eye pins loaded with an assortment of beads. Plus I had a metal tassell from the jar of junk jewelry I got at Goodwill.

ring necklace feature

Maybe this will inspire someone to get out their old mood rings and put together an odd collection…..anything to get the stuff out of drawers an seeing the light of day.   After all why have it, if we don’t use it?  LOL!

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